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Rules & Regulations
The official rules and regulations of snooker, which are written and published by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA), are divided into five sections as outlined below (as revised August 2014).

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SECTION 1 - The Equipment
1. The Standard Table 3. Cue
2. Balls 4. Ancillary
SECTION 2 - Definitions
1. Frame 11. Ball On
2. Game 12. Nominated Ball
3. Match 13. Free Ball
4. Balls 14. Forced Off The Table
5. Striker And Turn 15. Foul
6. Stroke 16. Snookered
7. Pot 17. Spot Occupied
8. Break 18. Push Stroke
9. In-hand 19. Jump Shot
10. Ball In Play 20. Miss
SECTION 3 - The Game
1. Description 11. Fouls
2. Position Of Balls 12. Snookered After A Foul
3. Mode Of Play 13. Play Again
4. End Of Frame, Game And Match 14. Foul And A Miss
5. Playing From In-hand 15. Ball Moved By Other Than Striker
6. Hitting Two Balls Simultaneously 16. Stalemate
7. Spotting Colors 17. Four-handed Snooker
8. Touching Ball 18. Use Of Ancillary Equipment
9. Ball On Edge Of Pocket 19. Interpretation
10. Penalties
SECTION 4 - The Players
1. Conduct 4. Absence
2. Penalty 5. Conceding
3. Non-Striker
SECTION 5 - The Officials
1. The Referee 3. The Recorder
2. The Marker 4. Assistance By Officials
The official rules of snooker are copyright of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA).
Revised August 2014.
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