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Rules & Regulations
SECTION 4 - The Players
1. Conduct
  In the event of:
  (a) a Player taking an abnormal amount of time over a stroke or the selection of a stroke; or
  (b) any conduct by a Player which in the opinion of the referee is willfully or persistently unfair; or
  (c) any other conduct by a Player which otherwise amounts to ungentlemanly conduct; or
  (d) refusing to continue a frame;
    the referee shall either:
  (e) warn the Player that in the event of any such further conduct the frame will be awarded to his opponent; or
  (f) award the frame to his opponent; or
  (g) in the event that the conduct is sufficiently serious award the game to his opponent
    If a referee has warned the Player under (e) above, in the event of any further conduct as referred to above, the referee must either:
  (h) award the frame to his opponent; or
  (i) in the event that the further conduct is sufficiently serious, award the game to his opponent.
  If a referee has awarded a frame to a Player’s opponent pursuant to the above provisions, in the event of any further conduct as referred to above by the Player concerned, the referee must award the game to the Player’s opponent.
  Any decision by a referee to award a frame and/or the game to a Player’s opponent shall be final and shall not be subject to any appeal.
2. Penalty
  (a) If a frame is forfeited under this Section, the offender shall:
(i) lose the frame; and
(ii) forfeit all points scored and the non-offender shall receive a number of points equivalent to the value of the balls remaining on the table, with each Red counting as eight points and any color incorrectly off the table being counted as if spotted.
  (b) If a game is forfeited under this Section, the offender shall
(i) lose the frame in progress as in (a); and
(ii) additionally lose the required number of unplayed frames to complete the game where frames are relevant; or
(iii) additionally lose the remaining frames, each valued at 147 points, where aggregate points apply.
3. Non-Striker
  The non-striker shall, when the striker is playing, avoid standing or moving in line of sight of the striker. He shall sit or stand at a reasonable distance from the table.
4. Absence
  In the case of his absence from the room, the non-striker may appoint a deputy to watch his interest and claim a foul if necessary. Such appointment must be made known to the referee prior to departure.
5. Conceding
  (a) A player may only concede when he is the striker. The opponent has the right to accept or refuse the concession, which becomes null and void if the opponent chooses to play on
  (b) When aggregate scores apply and a frame is conceded, the value of any balls remaining on the table is added to the score of the other side. In such case, Reds shall count as eight points each and any color incorrectly.
  (c) A player shall not concede a frame in any match unless snookers are required. Any breach of this rule shall be regarded as ungentlemanly conduct by the player concerned.
The official rules of snooker are copyright of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA).
Revised August 2014.
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